So much can be said about the unique entry adobe home detail featured in this house in Sedona, Arizona. From the curved adobe wall leading to the front door and forming the foyer, to the custom staircase leading to the landing, the effect overall is stunning. The hand carved door was created in Santa Fe, New Mexico, with Spanish folk detailing. The gas fireplace was a kit due to the city code restrictions not allowing any additional wood burning fireplaces in the city. The design detail of the hand tooled exposed adobe bricks were a touch requested by our friends, which we happily executed, and watched as they enhanced the design of the fireplace. The mud mortar joints were worked with a pottery tool until they were smooth and consistent, then a clay/wheat paste aliz was applied to eliminate any dusting of the bricks. The bulk of the walls in this house were finished with a gold kaolin clay earthen plaster finish, after we applied a scratch brown coat over the adobe bricks using local clay rich soil. The floors on the first floor are all tile in various shades of orange, tan and brown tones, to compliment the over all Santa Fe style of decor used throughout the home.