A view of the triple reinforced transitions on this large, multiple faceted, multi-dormered, large roof renovation project we under took on a historic adobe home in northern New Mexico. At the point in time shown in this image we have taken off the old metal roofing, torn off any tar paper and any plywood decking which needed changing out.

As you can see here, Norbert took extra care where the multiple roof transitions intersect. We laid the required black tar paper over the decking, and then he opted to add on top this sticky third level of protection (the original black paper kept in place when possible and in most cases it was fine).

Norbert also took care to make sure the valleys for each of the dormers were extra protected with added coats of all of the waterproofing materials. When in doubt with something as crucial as roofing – we opt to err on the side of protection overkill. There are not many owners who wold love to redo a large roof, so we make sure we install it well, solid and secure for many many years to come.

We have to give thanks to the crew we had which made it all possible, given roofing is always hot and a bit dangerous at times. We could not have done it without their hard and fast work.