A view of the green tinted cement floor, the color achieved by adding pigment into a water based sealant. The sealant gives extra protection to the cement floor which has an already durable finish. The in-floor radiant heat in this 200 sq. ft. pumice crete block room just north of Santa Fe, is powered by the solar hot water panels (collectors) placed upon the straw bale home connected to this space.

This image also highlights the colors of the custom tinted earthen walls which were created with pigments, local clay based earth and a bit of fine kaolin clay added. Carolyn worked closely with the owners to create the color desired for the walls, providing many color sample options for both the floor and walls.

Shown as well in this photo are the thick plank pine window sills that have the nice organic touch of a bit of left over bark left on by design. The overall feel and look to the room is one of a warm, inviting, high end space. We enjoyed creating this space a great deal and believe the room will serve it’s purpose well – that of a very creative, quiet mediation and music room.