Another view of the master bathroom – this time tile in the master shower. The warm copper tones combined with brown and tans make for a cozy and rich feel. Our client was a bit ahead of her time as when we created this tile design, smaller tiles were the norm and using floor tiles for a bathroom was almost unheard of. By virtue of she and Carolyn designing then room, and not ones to necessarily follow the rules, but rather their taste – they combined larger tiles with the smaller ones and created a pattern which included some whimsy by alternating them horizontally and vertically in a somewhat random manner.

This view shows the lime plastered walls in combination with the tiles and edge of the tub located in the nook created for it. The warm tones in the water proofed lime creates a light contrast to the darker tiles, but also gives a bit of texture, a bit of an Italian villa look to the walls. Which are by nature have a slight (intended) uneven look.