A photo of the textured earthen floor in this rustic meets chic bedroom. The look we were asked to create was one of a more uneven, aged earthen floor (also known as adobe or mud floor) rather than our usual high polished floor. The client also did not want the floor to be sealed, so we set about making the strongest earthen mix we could conceive of. The idea is that the floor will show wear and tear like old adobe homes. A different approach given we always create an end product which will hold up for years and years.

The clay based soil used in the earthen floors came from the job site and in spots we laid a pad of old bricks to lay the floors against. The client also had the landscaping team lay some flagstone steps in the high traffic areas. Also requested was that we inlay on the top surface some small rocks, which again will kick up over time and leave trace of it, that being the goal.

A most interesting project indeed, the room shifted at the end of the project from a work space to bedroom, we love the look of the elegant organic decor and can only credit the interior designer and client for making it so.