Tan over sized tiles for shower stall – seen in this close-up photo. The small bathroom of the photography studio was built with highly insulated stick framed walls. Our client had no preference on which tiles to use, but gave us an idea of what tones and style he was looking for. We then presented him with some choices. Carolyn’s dream assignment, as she loves tiles so much.

The budget was minimal for this small room. We have been laying larger tiles in showers over the past few years and like the look, so chose to present a larger tile. Since Carolyn is often watching the tile trends as they come and go, she opted for this over sized tan tile to present as her favorite.

Using these large tiles would mean they would go up quickly keeping the time needed for labor low, which was a goal of ours. She chose to stagger the tile pattern like bricks, which is not often done for standard walls and showers. We and our client liked the look very much, so it was a success.

When choosing tiles for your own home project, we suggest you open up your choices by looking at both floor tiles and bathroom tiles. These days we are finding that people are interchanging tiles and placing floor tiles in bathrooms and visa versa. As long as they are durable enough to fit the needs of the room it is an acceptable practice. Simply pay attention to whether or not a tile is ceramic or porcelain, and be sure to read the manufacturer information regarding any tile you choose. We would be happy to step in and advise once you have made some choices.

The marbled tiles here were classified as floor tiles, but they are a porcelain tile and therefore we knew they would work out well.