The front of this adobe house is built into a gentle slope and required some steep flagstone steps. They lead from a lower parking spot to the front door. Norbert and a crew of two men tackled the challenge, carving them into the hillside.

The steps were just one of the fun challenges on this landscaping job (our first)! We were brought in back after our work on the construction of this adobe house in Sedona, Arizona we had completed the year before.

Proper landscaping was required by the county which the owner obtained from a landscape architect. Upon receiving the costs to create it all the amount was quite a bit more than the owners hope to spend. They thought we might be up to the project and approached us. We loved the idea to play with rock work and stones.

Additional images in this gallery feature more stone fun. We loved this project (and had much help from young, strong helpers who carried out our wishes – hats off to them all!).