Small bathroom for Rastra block studio is shown here. The bathroom is connected to the main structure and was built out of highly insulated stick frame – with 6″ walls. The internal insulation came to R 19 and after an added rigid foam insulation on exterior of the walls – a total of R 24.

The request was to create a bathroom which was organic looking with earth tones which had a fairly minimal budget. Carolyn stepped up to design a shower tile pattern using now popular over sized tiles which are quick to install. We kept the pattern simple and clean to minimize labor time, and chose a staggered brick line up.

The shower stall pan was one we found on sale, which was small enough to fit inside the compact room. As is standard in our area (and should be required nationwide we think) we installed a low flush toilet which uses only 1.2-.6 gallons per flush.

All in all we really love the look of this small bathroom. We were grateful our client trusted us to make the design and toilet and sink choices, knowing we would shop for the most tasteful elements on a tiny bathroom budget.

Please Note: This image was taken before the final wall to floor trim was applied. See additional images for the final crisp look.