A long view of the straw bale house and the shipping pallet trusses, which are a signature invention of the late architect and friend Alfred von Bachmayer, whom Carolyn worked with during her years with the World Hands Project organization. The span of the large pallet trusses created for this 1500 sq. ft. straw bale house in Penasco, New Mexico, the shell built during a two week workshop, were the longest ever designed for a project and were a bit daunting to not only create, but to carry and place.

This image shows the straw bale walls raised and infilled with cob for leveling, the scratch/brown coat of plaster applied and the trusses up and positioned ready for the roof decking, metal roofing and final roof details. This home has a passive solar, south facing design, clerestory windows for letting in ambient light in the ceiling area of the interior, and a portal (porch) facing the road which will allow a break from the heat of the summer sun.