This small historic adobe garage, converted into rustic chic home office with contemporary touches throughout. The heavy wood block desk, designer green office chair and African burlap bag screen panels contrast nicely with the crisp clean white walls and trim. We added the French double doors which again are a crisp element which work well next to the rustic wood trim, which we freshened up with a stain to unify them.

This small adobe building which sits behind the main house on a five acre parcel is said to be perhaps a hundred years or near, in age. It has therefore help up extremely well, given what adobe block construction was so many years ago. We find often that old adobe structures were built fairly well, but when some key elements were not tended to, issues would develop over time. Some of them being severe. This adobe was lucky to only have suffered from the lack of proper roof overhangs. The large crack which we repaired with cob, was minor compared to what could have happened, and often does in the Southwest with old structures. Many crumble.