Rough sawn pine ceiling being applied by our team is the feature of this image. The sheet rock sub contractors have come in already and our team has painted the walls. As those who build properly know, every project should be worked from ceiling to floor.

However, we chose to work out of sequence a bit given we were working with rough sawn lumber. It would have been difficult to try and paint a perfect edge against the ceiling, given rough sawn pine has some texture to it. Even the most experienced painters might agree. Trying to paint a clean edge at the heights yet alone using tape (we would not have even considered it) would have been tricky.

We opted to paint and then follow with laying up the ceiling to avoid 100% any possible paint mishaps. And should we bump the fresh white walls, a simple touch up would do the trick. Sequencing and being smart about it can make the difference between a fabulous end product and one where everyone must learn to live with the imperfections. We would rather have the first scenario any time – as near to perfect as we can make things!