Rastra block studio fireplace. Two 6 foot windows bookend the fireplace which we added to the large gallery space (featured in the panorama images previous to this photo). It was added not as a main source of heat, but for ambiance as requested by our client, to add a cozy touch to this large space. The contrast between the crisp white walls, earthen tones of the adobe and dark golden floor make for an interesting combination.

We laid a small wall of adobe half bricks behind the fireplace to add an earthen touch. As would happen they have been re-purposed from a neighbor’s adobe all wall which was being replaced with stacked stone. The adobe blocks are, we all guessed, about 40 years old, if not more. We cut them in half and laid them up.

Then Carolyn hand-tooled the adobe block mortar joints, which she has done on many occasions – as in our Sedona project –http://earthentouchbuilders.com/gallery-items/unique-entry-adobe-home/

They she sealed the blocks with a clay and wheat paste glaze which will prevent any dusting. As can be seen furniture and photos for the walls are temporary at this point, we hope to provide final photos once the building has been properly moved into.