Rastra block studio custom window sills are shown in this close – up image. As mentioned here, these window sills have become a feature we can offer to most projects. The planks are hand milled by Norbert from trees which have fallen in the national forest near out land. He peels the front edge just to the degree to keep a bit of the bark look and to take advantage of the raw and gorgeous lines of the tree bark itself. The result makes each of them not only unique, but gorgeous.

We most times stain the planks with boiled linseed oil, but have used healthier alternatives for those who are sensitive to out-gassing odors. We have also used a water based sealers which is a favorite of ours. It provides a clear coating without affecting the color of the raw pine.

We’ve calculated that trees we use for the planks (which fall by themselves, we would never take down a standing dead tree) are roughly 100 years old. We use only half of the milled planks and we have counted 60 rings on them and now again.