Shown here is tan earthen plaster with chopped straw embedded in the mix. This image features this elegant bedroom where rustic interior touches contrast with high end organic decor. The client opted to keep our first coat, which was rougher and designed to be the under coat to a finer plaster on top. The look is therefore rougher, with float (sponge) trowel marks visable.

That combined with the chopped straw, and rougher finished earthen floors, makes this room quite different from our usual. The idea was to inlay old bricks, place some tiny stones on the surface of the floor and to trowel it in such a manner as to be slightly uneven. To make it, therefore, look like an older New Mexican home, which has been used for many years. Per request by the client, we did not seal this floor with oils or waxes and expect it to show wear and tear over time. Which is exactly what was hoped. We did create the most durable earthen floor mix we could think of, working with our knowledge over the years of how the elements wear over time.

The dark wainscoting and tan walls, the older elements placed in this room which contrast to the well chosen beautiful furnishings make for a beautiful space.