An image of the tongue and groove pine ceiling in studio built with pumice crete block in Tesuque, New Mexico. The light tones of the white pine ceiling makes a lovely complement to the custom tinted earthen plasters on the walls.

The large windows providing a nice view of the surrounding wooded area have the detailed feature of thick plank pine window sills which were left over from our own home and harvested on our land. The room was designed with maximum light with windows as well as inset lighting of which there were quite a few. The hanging lamps were obtained from a used building supply store and add a turkish ornate flair which is found now and again in some Santa Fe style homes. All in all the touches located throughout are simply lovely.

This 200 sq. ft. pumice crete block room with the earthen plasters, cement floor and nice touches, has a very cozy and elegant interior. It was built separate from the main house, only sharing one common wall. To come and go requires stepping outside and onto a small porch step and into the main straw bale house. The location provides privacy for this sweet space designed to be a creative studio, meditation room and music space.