These partial bedroom walls create an open floor space to the small downstairs which has a footprint of roughly 400 sq.ft and was the original entire old adobe house built in the 1970’s before we began the renovation. Our clients came to us with water damage issues and mice and believe it or not, snakes which were coming into the home. They had consulted with other contractors, most of which suggesting tearing the small home down. We, however, could see the potential with this small adobe home, and having done adobe repair work in the past, could see that the home simply needed people versed in the ways of renovation and mud, so to speak. We immediately envisioned the add-on and got to work demolishing and investigating the areas in need of repair, so we could really see where the source of the issues did lie.

More details include: the bedroom half-walls with blue kaolin clay earthen plaster while the older section of the home can be seen beyond, which was freshened up with cream colored paint and matching lime plaster above.