On this new roof old adobe home – the new metal roofing we installed can be seen. This home in our small town of El Rito, New Mexico, we are told, is one of the historic first few homes on Main Street. The adobe home has been added onto and expanded a few times over the years. The house now is quite large and has a very complex roof.

We were asked to come and remove the old roof and assess the condition of the core of the older sections. Upon demo of each section, Norbert was able to decide how deep we needed to go to secure the new roof. In some cases we were able to maintain some of the old elements and use them to double or triple secure the new roof. In some areas. especially the valley run offs, there was substantial wet roofing damage. However that might be standard for a roof of this age which had never been torn down to it’s core and inspected.

And given that some people building adobe homes back in the day, were not as astute as is required these days, we expected to find some surprises. This roof was indeed a big challenge due to it’s size and of course with roofing, working on it in spring and summer months, is always brutal.