This new lime wash straw bale hybrid home, actually has a fresh coat of lime plaster on part of the home, and lime wash upon the older plaster. The original idea with our 1100 sq. ft. passive solar designed straw bale was to then lime wash a tint over the white to tone down the color. After many years of a dark, rather old looking plaster – the look of the white as it contrasts to the wooden posts and new door is giving such a crisp look, we like it. We may after all opt to leave it as is at least for the time being.

This image also shows the beginnings of our landscaping which is in very early stages. We will be putting the front small portal (porch) which will protect the front door on this year. It is a small half moon design which with luck we can post in a few months.

We truly are amazed with how the finished house looks and feels after such a long (6 year) construction process, which took extra time as we stopped and started of course, to create homes for others.

For much more detail on design of the house and the thinking behind the entire design and execution process, and how we live our sustainable life, visit here.