New kitchen tile Mexican saltillos – shown here. We’ve pulled up the old tile floor and laid this new one giving a fresh new look to the kitchen. This light airy kitchen with bright greens and blues looks crisp with the new contrasting tile tones. Mexican tiles are often a challenge due to their handmade nature. They tend to vary in shape and size, which can be a challenge to perfectionists like us. Those who learn to lay them simply learn to adjust each tile to it’s best possible position. And give up the need for 100% perfection. It simply is not possible with these tiles. We always caution clients who want pure straight edges and lines – it might be best to steer clear of Mexican hand made tiles.

These particular tiles come without a sealant on them, so we needed to add two coats to protect not only the tiles, but the fresh grout as well. Even with the challenges of the tiling, we were happy with the end result.

A link to a project with other saltillo tiles. These tiles were in an old courtyard converted into a living room-rustic and weathered. The goal was to blend them into new elements in the add-on –