This new geodesic dome roof line was created due to leaks that were occurring in the original geodesic dome in the small office in Tesuque, New Mexico. The idea behind the new design was to let in more southern light to heat the space, while repairing the leaking roof in the process. The dome will then receive some exterior sprayed-on foam insulation to help with heat losses and to help cool the structure during the hot summer months.

Norbert designed the new roof line and was responsible for the complex geometry challenges with the carpentry. Given the multiple angles of geo-domes to begin with, adding that to the new angles of the new windows and over hang, it was an interesting challenge.

Norbert, as usual was not phased by the complexity and dug in with his usual precision to make everything flow smoothly. We thought when all was said and done the new geodesic dome design looked a bit like a large baseball cap upon the building.

Once the building was secured with the new carpentry and new windows, and after the foam contractors had completed their job, we set about putting on a fabric and acrylic roofing membrane. The paint on system is one we have used before in Arizona, is not much used in New Mexico for some reason, but one of our favorite non-metal roofing options.