An inside view of the new geo-dome window design before the glass for the stationary windows are placed. This image highlights the larger, opened up feel of the square windows added, and shows the pitched angle of the new roof over hang, designed to protect the building on the side which receives a bit of a beating from the elements.

This geodesic dome was being converted from a space that was not as usable as it could be – to a home office in Tesuque, New Mexico. Given workshop participants and patients of our client who require a healthy and pleasant environment, the charge was to shore up the parts of the roof which were leaking slightly over the years. Added to that was the desire to create a warm and beautiful space where everyone inside could relax and enjoy the interesting feeling that geodesic domes create with their wide, open and interesting design.

Norbert worked hard to maintain as much of the original geo-dome classic design as possible, which we think he accomplished. Given the complexity of the new windows and roof overhang, Norbert had to execute this framing without Carolyn’s assistance for the most part. Each framing cut required calculating multiple compound angles and would have been to some without Norbert’s strong grasp of such things, mind boggling.

Once the structure was secure and new framing completed, we set about calling in contractors who put some exterior insulation upon the walls, and then applied a fabric latex rubberized roofing system we had used with much success in Arizona. Final exterior touches were then to paint the dome to match the home nearby and work to install some simple landscaping. When all is said and done the home office is a unique and inviting space. We are very happy with the results.