A new geo-dome roof image featuring the newly framed windows awaiting the glass. This image shows the relationship of the existing triangular geodesic windows (left) as they compare to the larger square windows added. We felt amusingly that the new roof line looked a bit like a baseball hat placed upon the building. But more seriously, the new roof over hang is designed to protect the building on the side which receives a bit of a beating from the elements.

This geodesic dome new home office in Tesuque, New Mexico needs to be a healthy building as much as possible, given workshop participants and patients of our client will be holding sessions in the space. The goal of the repair project was to re-work and sore up the roof parts which were leaking.

Following any repairs, the desire to create a warm and beautiful space was next on the list of things to accomplish. Bamboo flooring with in-floor radiant heating was planned, in addition to adding a lovely kaolin plaster to the lower walls.

On the exterior, the final touches would include the sprayed on foam insulation which would then be covered in a roofing system we have used in Arizona. It is a fabric and rubberized paint on system which we applied to the entire roof in our project in Sedona. It is a simply application process and we are told by the manufacturers that it holds up with minor paint touch up for 10-15+ years. Time will tell – we will watch closely to see how it performs, and have a vested interest for it to succeed since we applied it to our own home.