New earthen floor in living room – shown here. This photo features a view of the open floor plan of the kitchen and living room area. In addition to the new earthen floors we added some other nice touches. The fireplace was moved to a corner and we installed a new tiled pad. Moving it away from a central spot in the room opened up the livable space.

The knee high walls, seen in the photo, contained original gypsum structo-lite. Those who know of structo-lite knows that the original formulas from the manufacturer have shifted and the colors are now quite different. Meaning any plasters applied before a certain year are very difficult to match and repair or refresh. Some of the walls in this casita were showing heavy soil and wear, so we set about trying to fix them. Carolyn devised a system and did just that and the newly freshened walls look exactly like the original finish. This is one of the times our experience with a variety of plaster finishes paid off. We can easily find some ideas on how to trouble shoot and repair old plasters. It helps to have Carolyn possess a strong art background and color sense, certainly.