On this new metal roof multiple dormers on this old adobe home made for an interesting challenge during this roof renovation project in the small town of El Rito, New Mexico. This new upstairs addition added on not too very long ago in the long life of this house, shows an interesting intersect of roof lines.

As can be seen here a middle section of the roof was designed in such a way that two of the many dormers almost crash into each other. The small space was a challenge to not only work in, get in and out of and to maneuver panels into. Not to mention the steep pitch. The trick here was for us to not tangle ourselves and our roped harnesses as we worked. Interesting work.

This central valley section of the roof was one that showed quite a bit of wear and tear during the demo and investigation of the old roof. Prior to digging in to create the new roofing, Norbert had the task of deciding how much of the old elements could be maintained.

This new section was in good shape due to it being a newer section of the overall roof compared to others. All in all this section took the most time, was the most challenging and looked perhaps the best when completed. We were however, relieved when we set about tackling the larger flat sections of the old house section on this historic adobe.