An image of the back entrance laundry room before we gave it a facelift. It had been given a scratch coat of cement stucco plaster, but had not received a final coat of plaster or paint. Our friend opted to give it a fresh, bright color palate. Given this laundry room lead out to the garden, the green tones (in the “after” image) work perfectly.

The image following the work is quite dramatic and gave this small garden workspace and laundry room a new life. This entire project where the older adobe house was given fresh new additions, details and upgrades gave it more of a contemporary feel which fit the personality of the owner – our friend, wonderfully. She has great taste and puts colors, textures and details together extremely well. It should be noted that this house had been modified for the most part before we came on board. The large renovations and add-ons were already in place once we arrived. We just stepped in to some final touches, add some design ideas and basically get the house completed once and for all.