Large mosaic cement tiles – shown here. We have removed the old dated Mexican tiles. Bumps existed in the walls due to inferior plumbing placed into the adobe walls. We worked to restore the walls to level – then installed the new custom mosaic tiles. Our client ordered them online and was able to choose the pattern and color combination she wanted.

These large mosaic cement tiles are ½” thick and have a less than perfect finish to them. We needed to seal them and were challenged by the fact that the mosaic tiles mounted to the mesh were done inconsistently. Such are the way with handmade tiles. The desired look was that of Spanish tiles as seen in old buildings.

The custom cement mosaic tiles work nicely with a recycled glass new counter top.  Flecks of glass sprinkled in an epoxy base which has a similar look to granite. This “eco” brand is one the client chose from a well-known national chain materials store. The pricing on this counter style used to be quite expensive. It has since come down in price due to being very popular. Should you have your eye on a sustainable option, keep looking – as many materials are now becoming more and more affordable.

You can also see our custom hand milled pine plank window sills here. Norbert has a hand mill he makes planks with. He takes down standing dead trees, many of which are over 60 years old. He lets them dry for a season or two, then mills them for a variety of uses. Many are used for our custom planks, others for timber framing. We use every aspect of the tree and are helping keep fire hazards low near our property. We are mindful and only take perhaps one or two standing dead trees a year for such use.

Another project where we added our custom hand milled planks –