This image of kitchen cabinets with metal faces which came from an old roof renovation are one-of-a-kind. The rusted roofing used for the cabinets, all of which were made by Norbert, were a bit of a challenge, given the entire counter curves to match the curve of the kitchen walls in this rounded house.

This image shows the contrasting colors of the cabinets and slate flooring. And please note, is a bit bright due to camera flash – the tones in person are elegant and actually quite muted.

The kitchen sink is second hand and was acquired at a garage sale – the sink faucet reused from a prior kitchen renovation. The windows in this curved kitchen were hand made from white pine – lumber harvested property which is heavily wooded (and only standing dead were used). The harvesting process was simple and clean, done by Norbert using our own hand mill.

The burgundy tones, black trim on the kitchen counters and grey make for a dramatic and cozy kitchen. Our favorite, of course, since we designed and executed it all ourselves and is in our own home.