This image shows the gold kaolin plaster drying (which is mottled as it dries) on the wall and the niche carved into the adobe wall in this living room renovation. This small adobe house in Dixon, New Mexico was built, we think, back in the 1940’s had weak plaster under cement stucco on the walls.

We thought it best to strip the old plaster from the walls in this 200 square foot living room down to the bricks. It was not worth taking a chance that the weak plaster underneath would crumble off taking the new kaolin earthen plaster with it. The demolition took two days, and once we applied a new earthen brown coat we felt confident that we could proceed to finish the room.

Once the brown coat plaster dried, we then applied this gold kaolin plaster made of fine clay and a fine grit of sane. We then added finely chopped straw and plenty of mica, as requested by the client, a friend. The lovely gold plaster, combined with the texture of the fine straw and glittery mica created an open look to this small room which was in need of some brightness.

The look of the new gold plaster in combination with the dark coco brown cement floor created what we think is a gorgeous look for the room. We love the look and would create it again in a heartbeat.