A view of the inside cracked adobe wall in this old adobe garage turned into an office and studio space in Chimayo, New Mexico. A large crack developed both inside and out in this building due to not having a proper roof over hang. Water no doubt crept into the walls and over time this very old building shifted which allowed more moisture to enter. On and on until the building finally cracked and the fissures no doubt grew over the years with constant exposure to the elements.

Luckily this interior break in the adobe walls is in a different spot than the deep external cracking seen in other photos in this gallery section. Carolyn approached this earthen wall repair as we have other old adobe walls in need of renovation and support. She developed a strong cob mixture and applied it in stages, drying them well in between applications. The cob repair layers added were sewn into the existing adobe bricks, and as the layers built upon each other, they provided the strength needed to shore up the walls and prevent any further movement.