An image of the inlaid brick in earthen floor in this bedroom with combined rustic chic detailing. We laid in the sub floor, prior to pouring the final coats, the rustic brick pads requested by the owner to give an old, bit raw look to the room. The earthen plastered walls also have a rougher floated finish from our normal hard troweled look. The rougher features in the walls and floors provide an elegant contrast to the organic high end detailing of the furnishings.

The plaster was our standard mix made from the clay rich soil harvested onsite. The finish in the walls also includes floated having fine chopped straw visable to add to the organic feel of the walls.

It was requested that we not oil or seal the floors in any way, again our standard, so that they may age naturally as in the older days in homes in New Mexico. The floors were trowel intentionally with a bit of wave to them, and small stones were inlaid to give another aspect to the organic nature of this room. We did experiment with our mixes and put the most natural strong stabilizer into our mix that we could conceive of. We will be watching this floor over time as we are perhaps more curious that the client as to how it will hold up.