This image highlights the problems with this poorly created small straw bale casita, specifically the inferior plaster transitions reveled during a demolition of a small connecting shed. This specific earthen plaster area was just one of many flaws we witnessed with the overall execution of this small structure. We were able to close up the many gaps in the exterior walls which helped to keep the element away from the walls.

This project was one in which it was obvious that the original owner-builder, who no doubt had good intentions with building a straw bale home, did not really know what he was doing to a large degree. We find this can be the case when people are just not builders by nature, or have not done enough homework or research, yet alone consulting with a straw bale building professional. As always with any form of natural building, be it cob, adobe or straw bale, it is imperative that should an owner-builder attempt building for his or herself, that a professional is minimum, consulted. Otherwise there will be problems. All of the horror stories which circulate surrounding natural building have probably occurred to an ill informed builder at some point or another. We cannot emphasis enough the need to speak to a professional!