A view of the hand carved front door done in the traditional Spanish carving style was made in Sante Fe, New Mexico to add yet another Southwestern decor. This adobe home was built and designed by the owners who were moving from a large city in Colorado to live and enjoy the town of Sedona, Arizona. They embraced the elements of the area and the dessert which they enjoyed and created the interior detailing accordingly.

Custom touches included them traveling to Mexico to hand pick their talavera decorative tiles, to designing their rod iron railing and having a local craftsman execute it. Other touches included designing and creating a coat rack and breakfast bench and chairs using local wood for one of a kind crafted elements, to name a few.

The adobe bricks for the home were machine made by a local supplier, which allowed for a smaller carbon footprint saving on shipping and hauling them long distances.

Norbert designed and executed the upper portion of the front door, keeping the design simple with glass which allowed light to enter and kept the focus upon the crafted door.