Another image in this gallery of gold kaolin earthen plaster. Another view of the 200 square foot dining room in this older small adobe house in Dixon, New Mexico. The owner began renovating the house, room by room and Norbert worked on this project prior to us teaming up some years later.

In this particular room, we were brought in to provide new and more elegant plasters, add a new cement floor and install the window shown photo – right. The owner being resourceful and creative, was able to buy a new but never used window, a gorgeous piece of granite well below cost and the french doors installed on the opposite wall. Some of which was obtained at stores featuring never used building materials.

Having prior issues with old earthen walls, and finding often a silt content which made for a weak plaster. We took no chances and approached this room with extreme caution. We deduced that the old earthen plasters needed to be removed and set about to tear the walls down to the bare adobe bricks. A few demo days and one large mess later, we were able to rebuild the walls with a strong earthen plaster mix with which to apply this fine gold plaster shown here.

Norbert skillfully knocked a hole in the old adobe walls and installed with such care that the outside cement stucco plaster needed only a tiny bit of touch up rather than an entire replastering of that wall.