What might not be apparent in this photo – that the geodesic dome needs repair, can be seen if only slightly by the tape marks upon some of the triangular windows. The issue we faced with when brought into this project, was the fact that the roof of the dome had been leaking on and off over the years. This dome was about to become a home office in Tesuque, New Mexico, a place used for weekend workshops and office visits. The clients visiting this space need a clean and healthy environment, so we set about working with the owners to modify and improve the space to the best of our ability.

First up, Norbert took a good long look at the roof and water issues and determined that they were so numerous that perhaps a redesign of the weakened roof might be in order. What transpired is a new roof line design, one which would eliminate some of the classic triangular geodesic dome panels and replace then with larger windows. It was also determined that the structure could benefit with a roof overhang on the side which receives the bulk of heavy weather.

The ultimate goal was to maintain as much of the original geo-dome classic design as possible, while making a few modifications which would improve the buildings overall performance, long term.

Once we completed the modification of the structure, the inside was addressed. Wee were able to add some elegant, beautiful touches to make this home office one of a kind and inviting to both the owners working here but everyone stepping through the doors. As seen by other images in this photo gallery section, the end results worked together quite well.