This entry way image features the geo-dome exterior finished product. This home office in Tesuque, New Mexico has been painted to match the nearby home. The final touches once the new roof had secured the geodesic dome building against any future weather damage, the condition the structure was in when we began the project, will help extend the life of the building for many years.

Prior to the final coat of paint, sprayed on foam insulation was applied by another contractor specializing in it’s application. The added insulation will provide some basic R value to the structure which was missing any when we began the project.

Once the insulation application was completed and had set properly, we applied a roofing system we have used on prior jobs and like it’s workability. It being a fabric and rubberized paint-on roofing system used more often in Arizona than in New Mexico. We are not quite sure why it has not been embraced further in these parts, we certainly have seen it hold up well in high UV dense desert areas. The application is rather simple. Fabric is laid on roof decking and then painted over with a black rubberized paint and then repainted with a compatible latex paint which can be obtained from professional paint stores and can be color matched to any tint desired. We like the system well enough to place it on the first floor roof of our own home.