Here newly installed french doors connect rooms which were previously blocked from each other in this small adobe house in northern New Mexico. The now connecting dining and living rooms required, prior to us adding the double french doors, that one walk around and through the kitchen in order to access them. Given the rooms are only 200 square feet each, adding the doors opened up the overall space and created the possibility of one larger room, a great addition to this small house built sometime, we believe in the 1940’s.

Norbert was very skillful in knocking down the necessary adobe blocks in the wall in order to insert the new doors, which we believe were purchased at a new, but never used building supply store. Norbert framed the door in sturdy 4 inch square posts with a header of the same material, of course. Minimal infill was needed to secure the new door, again due to the skill of Norbert creating the smallest possible opening.

Following the installation of the new doors, we applied a new coat of sturdy earthen plaster and then followed with our upscale elegant kaolin plaster. As mentioned in prior photos in this gallery section, the owner requested a gold plaster with chopped straw and mica to give the surface of the plaster both texture and shimmer. That, in addition to the rich Iron Oxide gold color, makes for a very beautiful end result.

We were happy with the overall effects and colors and textures chosen. The small house over time has transformed with quite an elegant interior, thanks to the good taste of the owner, a friend.