This 4 x 50 foot flagstone retaining wall was created to resemble a dry stacked stone wall. Carolyn cut small 4 inch slices of flagstone from large slabs, and laid the wall up layer by layer as a dry stack and was followed (sometime closely behind) by helpers who placed them in a thin cement mortar. It was extremely fun for her given how much she loves laying stone in general and the challenge of making them fit nicely. Like on huge, long puzzle.

The retaining wall was required by the county officials, given as can be seen there is a fair pitch to the land behind, and it sits so close to the new adobe house. This dry stacked wall has behind it a row of cinder blocks which were solidly cemented in. This flagstone was basically a cosmetic faux front. Our friends the clients, asked for a small fire pit area in the middle where they could place a small grill or use simply as a decorative center point to the long wall.

We were called back following our work on the construction of this 2500 sq. ft adobe home in Sedona, Arizona. The county required proper landscaping which was designed by a landscape architect. Upon receiving bids for the execution, the rates were a bit higher than the owners wanted to spend. They approached us to see if we would be interested in tackling the project. Given how much we love stone work and exterior beautification of structures, we jumped at the chance to play with stones! We probably during the creation of this landscaping got in the best shape of our lives. Stone work is not for sissies!