Am image of this small flagstone patio with walkway which leads to the front door of this adobe home. Every foot of walkable space leading from this 2500 sq. ft. Santa Fe style adobe house was linked together with small red gravel flagstone and rock edges. Medium and large boulders were brought in to bring variety and a local flair to the landscaping.

One detail that can be seen – photo center – is the stone fountain the owners asked us to design and execute (we believe it might simply now serve as an interesting detail and is no longer pumping water, which was designed to recycle upon itself).

The county required that all new construction have proper landscaping. The owner of course then, obtained a design for this small plot from a landscape architect. Our clients thought we might be interested in tackling execution of the landscaping and approached us. The notion of playing and laying rock and stones. How quickly could we begin?

Much, big thanks go out to the young, strong backed helpers who assisted us for the entire project. We literally could not have done it without their tireless help. That is for certain!