Another of the outdoor sitting area we created was this small flagstone patio off kitchen. This space has the benefit of being tucked behind the back of the house, and next to the long flagstone retaining wall for maximum privacy. It serves as a perfect place to have an outdoor barbeque and enjoy the coolness this side of the house offers (well, sometimes).

This 2500 adobe brick house in Sedona, Arizona was such an interesting challenge for us. The house was complex (5 different roof levels) and had a number of new challenges (there is that word again) for us, we enjoyed every bit of the construction which lasted roughly for 8-9 months. That being our first pass, so to speak, until we were called back to work on the landscaping and carport featured in this gallery section.

We don’t often get the opportunity to re-visit a home we have built to see the furnishings and how it is holding up for occupants. We were happy to be able to watch the progress and check in on any issues should they occur for a few years following the initial construction. Minor ones often do, major issues – never. Checking back and staying in touch with one’s contractor is essential for a successful project end. Houses live and breathe, shift and creak, and it’s best for those who create and know the inner workings of everything in your home, to follow up during the long life of any home.