A view of the exterior earthen plaster repair drying on this small adobe casita built roughly in the late 1970’s. This small 300 ft. casita has been exposed to the elements for many years and was in need of some mud repair to the adobe walls. The owner chose to not extend the roof eaves for personal aesthetic reasons, which known to most (and to him) would in time cause the adobe bricks to fade away with wear due to direct rain. The time had come to shore up the old adobe walls, freshen them and level them with an infill coat and apply a new coat of earthen plaster.

This image shows the infill mud coat, a modified cob mixture we applied, as it is drying. After this coat was secure and completely dry we then proceeded to apply an earthen mix fortified with a strengthening blend we hope will hold up a bit longer than a basic earthen plaster. Upon that coat being dry and secure we then set out to apply a sealant coat of sorts, one which was colorless and had been tested by us on an interior high traffic area. We will be watching to see how these fortified mixes behave over the next year, especially after the New Mexico monsoon season.