This European masonry stove in our hybrid straw bale house is the main heat source and is the centerpiece of the living room. The design was based upon the German, Austrian style of wood burning stove, with flue channels which run horizontal, rather than the Russian or Swedish standard designs.

The core of the this European heat stove uses an enclosed fire box, with channels leading to the main chimney. We obtained a fireplace at a garage sale for $50 with an air tight fire box, and modified it for the purpose of creating this heat stove. The surrounding details were sculpted and filled in with cob and adobe blocks. Final details were added such as the inlaid stone and tinted kaolin clay earthen plasters.

For details on how this stove was created and how it performs to heat our hybrid straw bale home, especially in the winter months- this link will provide details ->the-masonry-stove