One interesting detail of this adobe casita we began restoring and refreshing was the earthen plastered stone bench top – a touch we applied to the stones which was an original element in the 1970’s small casita. The image featured here shows the earthen plaster repair and layers added to the stones as they are drying (the mottled color is the tell tale sign).

As mentioned in previous posts regarding this project, it took a few passes of a modified cob mixture, inside and out to level up the aged adobe walls with worn down bricks due to exposure to the elements. Once the walls were leveled and dried, we were then able to apply the earthen plaster to freshen up the appearance of the adobe walls. The structure had unfortunately been left unfinished inside and out and prior to our work, had been plagued with a small invasion of rodents. It was apparent when we began that this was to be expected, given there were holes (albeit small) from inside to out which let in daylight. Once roof repair had been completed to shore up the interior, we began work on the interior and exterior adobe walls to secure them properly.

The result of our work on this space should secure it once and for all, given proper care and maintenance of the earthen plastering.