A view of the scratch coat of earthen plaster in entry hallway covering the staggered half-wall which provides a break between the living room and guest quarters. We harvested the clay rich soil in an arroyo on the edge of the property for the first coat of plaster covering the pumice-crete blocks.

The half wall was designed with a step down to provide a space for art pieces and to provide interest. The rough sawn beams which lead to the hand peeled post were textured using a hand grinder and then sealed for a slight rustic, yet clean look. Norbert designed the interior supports using the beams and posts which unify in the center small fireplace area where the kitchen and living rooms meet.

All in all, the look has a southwest flair but is at the same time elegant and has clean lines. Images also located in this gallery feature the “after” images which show the custom tinted earthen floors we poured, as well as the tinted kaolin earthen plasters we added to this decorative half-wall.

The 15 foot, plus, ceiling height in this room adds to the dramatic focus of the living room which is the center piece of the home. The guest rooms and master bath wing, each lead from the living area like spokes on a wheel which provides much privacy and gives the house a spaciousness.