This image showing the combination earthen floors-inlaid flagstone in this tower shaped home office located outside of Cerrillos, New Mexico, shows the interesting look when those two natural substances come together.

The rustic look desired by the client was a concept in which the look of an old, crumbling room that looked to be perhaps 100 years old, was the goal. The room is literally the bottom half of a tower and was given (not by us) a stone veneer bottom and adobe half bricks laid over the actual wall system for the entire structure, which was poured pumice crete.

In we came to help create the very custom earthen touches the client desired. First up as shown in other photos in this particular gallery, were the aged and crumbling looking plastered walls. And following the completion by other contractors of the carpentry, we were brought in to lay an earthen sub-floor (sometimes called poured adobe or simply, mud floor). Upon that floor drying and much later in the process of the project, we were brought back in to lay the 1/2″ top and final coat for the earthen floor.

Other finishing details in this project, which was our very first as subcontractors, include the in-floor radiant heat which was poured and laid in the cement sub floor (not by us). At the completion of our work we sealed the floor with the requisite number of linseed coats to seal and waterproof the floor.