Earthen floor tile transition – shown here. This image shows much of the new work we performed. The freshly dried and sealed new 1/2″ earthen floor we poured. It meets the raised sun room floor we lifted with a small concrete pad. The edges of the new saltillo kitchen tiles and riser is seen. And then the earthen floor transition as it meets the new saltillo tiles in the sun room.

Also featured in this image are the freshened half walls. They were plastered with original gypsum structo-lite. The original structo-lite tints have changed, in color. Any plasters applied before a certain year are difficult to match, repair or refresh. Many of walls in this adobe casita were showing heavy wear, so we set about trying to fix them. Carolyn devised a system and did just that. The new fresh walls look like the original finish. This is one of the times when our experience with many plaster styles paid off. We can easily find some ideas on how to trouble shoot and repair old plasters.

Here is another earthen floor and tile transition on a project completed in 2009 –