Earthen floor with blue tint. A top alis finish added on top of the base tan poured adobe earthen floor. We created this floor during one of our client projects and loved the color so much we chose to lay it in our cob sun room- The base coats and even final top coat of the earthen floor was poured with a tan clay based soil. We then applied a solid aliz (aka called alis) tint/wash to the top of the floor. The color is one of our favorites and is stunning.

The floor was then sealed with the usual few coats of linseed oil to waterproof it. We opted to not apply wax to this floor liking instead the look of just the oil. This sun room is one of our favorite spots in our house and with the newly crisp floor, even more so. Plans are in the works to build a day bed which wraps around the curved walls and to add storage as well as it serves as a mud room entry (the small bricked walk, that is).