A view of the double french doors in casita with new earthen plasters. This small adobe brick cottage was built roughly in the late 1970’s and has been exposed to the elements for years. It needed some mud infill and fresh earthen plastering upon the adobe walls.

This image shows the finished new earthen plaster we made from clay rich soil onsite, as well as the brand new metal roofing we installed earlier that spring. We hope that the new walls hold up well given there are not proper roof overhangs. We prepared the strongest earthen plaster mix we could conceive of with the hopes that it can hold for awhile, especially during the northern New Mexico monsoon season, which can wreck havoc on walls which are actually water proofed (these are not, as any natural builder will tell you. Earthen plasters are not designed for direct contact with the elements for extended periods of time). We did however, execute the walls per the wishes of the owners, hence the earthen plaster mix.