These custom notched timber beams are featured in this image featuring the fireplace. This sitting area is central to the open designed living and kitchen area and holds the small wood burning fireplace. This small hearth serves as a nice gathering place for a cup of coffee or to read a book, given the custom benches Norbert created at the base of the posts.

The notched timber beams are not simply for decor, but are supporting members for this section of the roof. Norbert designed this area as the prior contractor (from whom we took over this project) had sadly disregarded the need for structural supports. Therefore Norbert not only created the much needed structural aspects, but created them in such a way to provide not only character but beauty.

The timber beams were recycled and needed some freshening up, so we simply hit them with a rough brush attached to a grinder to keep some of the worn character, while keeping some of the weathered charm.

We worked closely with our client to design this little sitting area – to tile it shape up the design which was left to us as a bit of a large cement blob. All in all given the tiling and custom bench detailing, in combined with the posts and custom timber beams, we all were quite happy with the results.