Custom earthen plasters fill the entire upstairs in our hybrid straw bale home. In the back of the photo, shown in brown, are a local tan clay hand-harvested 1/4 mile from the house with tints added to create the desired color. You’ll note the small truth window showing the straw bale interior of the walls, a signature feature of most naturally built homes. Looking forward (left) in the image, the tan clay without much enhancement can be seen on the half walls which bookend the bedroom to the right and left of the bed area.

Looking right in this image is a custom blue tinted kaolin clay used – showcasing our high end finish plastering. The blue plaster has a hint of mica in it, with no straw used on this particular finish, while the tan and brown plasters both have finely chopped straw for a lovely texture and color variance. All in all the color tones make for a lovely bedroom space, peaceful, calm and relaxing, a great place to unwind for certain.