Custom cement mosaic tiles – seen here. We have removed the old dated Mexican tiles. Bumps existed in the walls due to inferior plumbing placed into the adobe walls. We worked to restore the walls to level – then installed the new mosaic tiles. The tiles were ½” thick and had a rugged finish to them, so took some getting used to. We were challenged by the fact that the mosaic tiles mounted to the mesh were done inconsistently. Such are the way with handmade tiles. The desired look was that of Spanish or Moroccan aged tiles as seen in historical buildings. Our client was able to choose and design the pattern of the tile, which was then custom made per her specifications.

The custom cement mosaic tiles work nicely with a recycled glass new counter top. Flecks of glass sprinkled in an epoxy base which looks very much like granite. This “eco” brand is one the client chose from a well known national chain materials store. The pricing on this counter style used to be quite expensive. It has since come down in price due to being very popular. Should you have your eye on a sustainable option, keep looking – as many materials are now becoming more and more affordable. We worked with the store and supervised their installers. They came in a timely manner and did an excellent job installing the counter top.

Shown are the thin metal edging we placed to trim the thick tiles – against the rounded window reveal. We borrowed the idea from kitchen and bathroom renovations we have seen online from Britain. This contemporary treatment is a crisp way to finish off such thick tiles. We were a bit baffled at first on how to provide a nice transition but found this solution to be a good one.